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logóWelcome to Gyopárosfürdő, to the extremely relaxing spa and open –air pool, situated 3 km from the centre of Orosháza. The water of Gyoparos was pronounced medical water in 1999 and nowadays it is recorded as an ’A’ category spa of national importance. The natural water of Gyoparos rich in alkali-hydrocarbonate is excellently suitable for curing of locomotor disoders, rheumatic pains, joint diseases and gynaecological diseases as well as for post rehabilitative treatments after accidents and operations. In the Water Parkwaiting to welcome guests with 3 exterior and 4 interior water-whirling pools, 2 giant slides and other water adventure element,, and swiming –pool .The guest can find 8 ordinary and specila saunas and jacuzzi.

The guest house is located next to the lake Gyoparos and the Gyoparosfurdő spa and open-air pool.

Location rooms for 2 bed ad apartman with fully equipped, TV, minibar and telephone rooms, air conditioning.

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