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Termal spa , Park and Adventure Pools in Gyoparos

A therapy taken at Gyopáros is effective for the treatment of various locomotive disorders, rheumatism, inflammations, gynaecological problems, neurological complaints, rehabilitatation following accidents and operations.

The water of Gyopáros was officially qualified as medicinal water in 1999 and has acquired national importance. The thermal pools of the spa are supplied with water from two wells with a depth of 670 m.

Gyopárosfürdő The thermal water can be of help in case of different diseases affecting the spinal cord such as chronic low back pain, spinal disc herniation, nervous or joint (hand, knee, and ankle) inflammation, osteoporosis, rehabilitation after injuries, operation, fractures. Chronic gynaecological problems, urinary inflammations as well as sterility can be treated in this way. It is proven that thermal water as part of treatment has beneficial effect upon muscle diseases such as Parkinson syndrome, as well as in case of muscle contracture due to cerebral embolism or stroke.

The open air zone of the complex is as popular with the visitors as the adventure pools or the thermal pools.

gyógyfürdőThe lake offers the possibility of boating and water biking. Indoor and outdoor thermal pools serve heath preserving and improving purposes, while sport enthusiasts can have fun in the swimming pool or learners’ pool.

On a huge space of more than 6 000 m2 the Spa offers all year round enjoyment and dozens of adventure elements.

The complexity is open all year round – on top of that on some days it is open till midnight, disposes of three outdoor and four indoor spools. Lovers of slides can enjoy going down two huge spiral slides splashing in the end either in an open air pool or in an indoor pool.

The sauna park with eight cabins is open on some days of the week till midnight.

Visitors will find a wide choice of saunas: the dry Finnish sauna at a temperature of 60-70 and 70-80 Celsius degrees, an aromatic cabin and a bio-sauna with phototherapy at 50-60 Celsius degrees, a danarium sweating visitors at a temperature of 30-40 Celsius degrees, a steam cabin with 100 % of vapour content and temperature of 45-50 Celsius degrees and last but not least an infra-red cabin of insures perfect recreation.

In a wonderful environment the cabins give relief to various problems, they have different effects on the visitors.

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